Big Data Analytics

We can assist you to integrate data in Hadoop (structured or unstructured), perform analytics over it to extract information you want to see and to display it in the format you prefer (graphical or tabular). Further, automation of entire process so that you periodically get the incremental reports in your mailbox without any manual intervention.
Our team has expertise in Hadoop installation, cluster and nodes configuration, HDFS, data integration with Sqoop, Flume, Hive and Pig connectors, data analysis in Java (standard Map reduce / Yarn jobs), Spark (with Java and Scala), PigLatin and HiveQL scripts, data reporting with Jasper reports, BIRT, Toad or any other analytics tools. In addition to core Hadoop ecosystem we have experience with Cloudera, Hue web interface for queries and analytics, cloudera installation, configuration and Impala. For NoSQL data we have the expertise with HBase and MongoDB to process JSON and XML data.

Irrespective of if you data is in web server logs, it is clickstream data, social media content, text from customer emails, survey responses, phone call detail records, PDF files, CRM, RDBMS, NoSQL database etc, you can rely on us for finding the most optimized way to map it and to give you the analytics you want to see so that you could make more informed decisions. We have worked with large clusters and multiple nodes over Linux.
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